24- Hour Prayer Vigil – For Church, Community and Country

Event details

  • Friday | October 27, 2017 to Saturday | October 28, 2017
  • 6:00 pm
  • 18498 Springs Road, Jeffersonton, VA 22724-1916
  • (540) 937-5446

October 27th  – Starting at 6 PM on Friday evening until 6 PM on Saturday evening our Church Members will be in prayer for our Church, and Community. Praying for the Lord’s Blessings, will and help not for only church members but any personal request submitted to the church for earnest prayer.

We invite you to take time out of your day during this period and pary where you are for our Church Mission, Community and Country. Your can also, submit any prayer requests on the contact form provided and your request will be placed in the stack of prayer requests to be prayed for during this vigil. Form must be recieved no latter thannoon on Friday the 28 to be included in the package.

Open Prayer Request Form HERE