Cemetery Clean UP – Done 5/14/2020

If you failed to pick up any items off the ground before May 10th, They have been removed and temporarily relocated to a place by the shed.

All glass, and breakable items are in bags in the trashcan, and wreathes and easels are laying beside the trash can.

This is final call, they will be removed from the site by May 22nd if not retrieved before then.

Our goal is to keep a safe and well manicured graveyard for all.


There are currently 3 tombstones that are broken We are getting a quote now for the repair of:

Herbert Mason Myers 1/11/1886 –  1/2/1933
James W. Myers 7/12/1843  –  9/2/1915 – CSA
Virginia Ellen Banks 3/15/1850  –  8/23/1931

Family Members and/or Friends of the Cemetery may wish to help with the financial burden associated with the repair.

Please make any checks payable to: JBC, and place Broken Stones in the Memo line. It will be greatly appreciated.