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Door Restoration

We still are still praying for all the funds to be donated to restore our General account for the work done. Will you help keep the Lord's House in good Condition? Donations to fund the restoration of our historic doors and locks are needed. Will you help us restore the general fund today? Preservation is costly but it is the Lord's house and maintaining it is our duty. The contract to repair the front doors was signed, with the prayer that the necessary $10,000 to restore the front and side doors would be found. Yes, it would have been cheaper to just replace with a generic looking modern door. But the Lord has allowed people since 1848 to come through those doors and it is our duty as the custodians of his house in this decade to keep them solid and secure. Company from Catlett has restored the two Historic front doors and is now working on the side door. May the Lord Bless you for your support.
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May 1, 2017 Over Halfway there: with $6,988.28 has been donated to repair our doors, and they look wonderful.

If you would like to donate as a contributing answer to prayer and part of this historic preservation of God’s House.
Send a check to: Jeffersonton Baptist Church
18498 Springs Rd,
Jeffersonton, VA 22724

Be sure to put in the memo line “Doors”

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