Prayer Requests October 9, 2016

Prayer Requests October 9, 2016
Unspoken Requests from Sandy Myers
Pray for Health and Healing
• Salley Lowery that her infection will be eliminated
• Pray for Thelma that the shot she had will take care of the pain
• Pray for Albert. He will be coming home on Monday. Pray that he gets the home care that has been promised.

Safety, Strength and Hope
• Pray for all the people who have been affected by the storms in Florida, Georgia and N. Carolina; Pray for safety and healing
• Pray for all the School Safety for Kids & teachers
• Pray for Christopher & those around who were hit by the Hurricane. Pray that he calls his mom soon so she can here his voice and know all is well.
• Pray for Autumn Smith to have safe travels to, through and home from Tanzania (Africa) with Compassion International.

Praise God Sandy Myers Dad is home and they survived the storm – The Blessing that although lots of problems around them- they had little damage, some siding down but nothing that can’t be fixed or replaced. He is also doing well form the surgery just very sore.